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Like every great story, it all started when I was young…

As a 10 year old boy obsessed with arcade machines in 1981, I used to pretend to build arcades when I played with building blocks when I built cities with hot wheels and matchbox cars. I was always begging my mother for quarters anytime we were near an arcade machine in the 80’s. There was always a fascination with playing the games and making my quarter last as long as I possibly could. I loved the artwork, the sounds, and the atmosphere of an arcade with all the various sounds coming from all the games.

As I got older I started collecting arcade games in the mid 90’s from Tommy’s Distributing, an old operator in Nashville. Realizing with marriage, family, and work I had little time – or space – to give to the games, I had to make the decision to minimize my collection. With a refueled drive for the games in 2015 while building a new house that had an arcade room on the plans, it was time to build the passion back up and make the dream alive once again. With a new found passion for pinball collecting, I decided that Nashville and Middle Tennessee needed a blend of the two worlds together – and Music City Pinball was born!

Nashville has needed a premier dealership for quite some time that has a showroom, the latest and greatest in pinballs, and has a great selection of authentic vintage games and multicades. I wanted to create that arena NOW and take advantage while Nashville is booming! Now the public has a place to come to test and purchase the games that they love. We can deliver and setup games, as well as deliver ongoing maintenance packages that keep the games running their best! For convenience, we offer 12 month, 6 month and 3 month service intervals. The best part is that most of our service is “at home” meaning the machine does not have to leave the home.

We will accept trade-ins towards other games and deliver exceptional trade-in values for our full maintenance customers. Looking for a special , unique game that we do not have in stock? Don’t worry! With our GAMEFINDER service, we will find the game for you!

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