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The Mandalorian Pinball Machine at Music City Pinball

In the realm of pinball and pop culture, a new legend has emerged that combines the thrill of arcade gaming with the epic storytelling of the Star Wars universe. Music City Pinball is thrilled to feature two editions of the Mandalorian pinball machine, a game that transports players into the galaxy of the beloved series, set after the fall of the Galactic Empire and before the rise of the First Order. This machine, available in both the Mandalorian Pro Edition and the Mandalorian Premium Edition, offers an immersive experience for fans and pinball enthusiasts alike.

A New Chapter in Pinball Gaming with the Mandalorian Pinball Machine

The Mandalorian pinball machine brings to life the adventures of the lone gunfighter and his quest across the outer reaches of the galaxy. Stern Pinball Inc., in collaboration with Lucasfilm, has created an action-packed journey where players team up with key allies, protect Grogu, and confront formidable foes. The Mandalorian is an unquestionable hit in the Star Wars universe, and these machines offer you the opportunity to own a piece of this franchise’s history!

Engage in Galactic Battles

Players will find themselves dodging ambushes and engaging in battles that echo the suspense and excitement of the series. The Premium Edition features a gravity-defying, rotating upper mini-playfield, offering a dynamic and intense pinball experience with its motorized rotating playfield, stand-up targets, and full-size flippers. The journey to multiball mayhem is another thrilling aspect of the game, where hitting a unique hanging uplift target attached to a custom-molded Razor Crest ship unlocks a new level of gameplay. This feature, along with precision shooting capabilities on the Premium and Limited Edition models, ensures an immersive and challenging experience for players.

The Mandalorian Pinball Machine Lives Up to the Hype

A review from a pinball enthusiast highlights the exceptional gameplay of the Mandalorian Pro machine: "I was surprised how well this game actually plays. The layout is quite good and the shots flow pretty well. I love that you can actually backhand the small right ramp and playing the ball over the left ramp is [so] much fun. The mini-playfield is a little underwhelming but it is still fun bashing the plentyful targets. The rules are quite straightforward and playing the different modes is fun. The collection of the Super Jackpot is a very enjoyable moment as well, especially with the U-Turn shot. If I still was a Star Wars fan I'd probably love all the modes and multiballs. The artwork is excellent in its entirety. I am so glad Stern pretty much abolished photoshopping the artwork. Especially the playfield art on this game is very good. All in all this is a very good and enjoyable machine… Every Star Wars fan or at least fan of the Mandalorian series will enjoy this game.”

With its straightforward rules, engaging modes, and visually stunning artwork. The Mandalorian pinball machines transport players directly into the Star Wars universe.

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